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*NEW* Weblender7 Interface

Instructions for using the new interface - Upload a New Loan Application
- Upload Supporting Docs


Do You Need Access to Submit Loans?

Approval Process
Approval to broker loans with RAC requires completion of the Broker Application.
Follow the application check list, sign and initial where needed, then email the completed package to marketing@racmtg.com for preliminary review.
Your file will be reviewed for completeness and eligibility and matched against NMLS records. Verbal approval will be given usually within 24 hours.

Mail the actual Broker Application with original signatures to:
Residential Acceptance Corporation
ATTN: Marketing Deptartment
5027 W. Laurel St
Tampa FL 33607

Upon receipt of the original application we will send you a formal letter of approval to submit loans to RAC.

Note: you are permitted to upload loans or submit Prequals and Scenarios while you are completing the application and while it is being reviewed by RAC.